Premonition: Web Design and Hosting

Web Design

Premonition build great-looking websites to the latest standards. Our websites are easy for you to update, easy for your clients to use, and easy for everyone to find.

We can make your site accessible, usable, updateable, interactive and easy to find. It goes without saying that they will also have impeccable look and feel.

Content managed, dynamic, functional sites

Often, we use the powerful and open WordPress Content Management System to make it easy for you to update and add content. We can build complex sites with extensive customisation and web applications. For example, we have built sites with e-commerce, integrated estimate and invoicing systems, searchable databases, event calendars/timetables, online ticket booking and more.

Accessible sites

All our sites are made to be viewable on phones and tablets as well as computers, using ‘responsive’ technology and designs which adjust for each device. Our sites are coded to be maximally accessible to the disabled or those using assistive or alternative web browsers. We hand-code templates to the latest web standards which helps ‘future-proof’ your web pages and frees you from sloppy coding which could make your site fail for some people. Coding to standards has the fantastic side-effect that the site is already optimised for search engines and Google shows a preference for sites which are coded properly. This all makes it easier for people to find you.

Organisation, advice and information architecture

We’ll help you organise your content in a logical way and make the navigation instinctively usable so that your visitors can find the information they want quickly.

Make an appointment to see Geoff who will help you assess your needs and suggest ways forward.

Web Hosting

Premonition can host your website on the managed server they rent located in a data centre in Maidstone, UK. We offer hosting especially for our website design clients, and we’ve chosen our data centre and site technicians very carefully, for their solid reputation and the speed and quality of their support.