Premonition: Corporate Identity and Branding

Premonition can design an appropriate logo and identity for your organisation, and make sure that it’s a style which you can take from your stationery to your print publications and to the web. We aim to offer service levels and results better than central London design agencies but at a much lower cost. We can do this by staying small and focused, and by keeping our overheads in check. We’ll help you get the right image to achieve your business or social objectives. Here’s how we usually go about it:

  1. We meet up with you, and ask you questions about your organisation and try to find out as much as we can about what you do, who you are and what makes you special.
  2. We will send you a quote, then, depending on budget we may write up a comprehensive brief, assessing your organisation’s identity, differentiation, market position and the aims of the identity project. This can be very helpful in establishing direction for the project and in highlighting important issues. However it may be omitted if budget does not permit it, and we will simply submit the quote showing prices and timescales.
  3. We will design several candidate logotypes and present them to you. We will work to your schedule but prefer to take about two weeks for this stage, so that we can work through many ideas and possibilities.
  4. Following the presentation we will action your suggestions and corrections, working along the design directions you’ve chosen. Then we’ll meet with you again to discuss these new designs.
  5. By now we should have finalised a logo and style, and we’ll start designing your stationery items. We’ll get quotes for the printing you’ll need.
  6. When you’ve approved the final stationery designs we’ll send them to print – delivery will typically be a week later. We can also supply artwork on CD for you to give to the printer of your choice.

Note: If budget is very tight we can give an assessment of what will be possible within those constraints – some of the above will not apply.