Lyrics: Room Five Hundred and Four, Room 504

Note: I am obsessed with old songs from the 40s and earlier, and when lyrics for some of the more obscure songs are not available anywhere else I will be providing them on my blog here. Geoff

Lyrics for Room 504, as sung by Vera Lynn (pictured), Hutch (Leslie Hutchinson), Adelaide Hall

Such a big hotel a very grand one
Right upon the avenue
We could not afford it
But sweet, I just adored it
My very first and only rendezvous

In room five hundred and four
So sweet a room so strange and new
It was romance, a dream come true
That perfect honeymoon alone with you
In room five hundred and four

We turned the key in the door
We hadn’t dared to ask the price
That kind of thrill can’t happen twice
And who could bargain over paradise
In room five hundred and four

The lovely night, the starlight above
The sleeping town below
And in the dark you said, my love
The dearest things I know

We don’t live there anymore
But still in memory I adore
The sweetest room I ever saw
A seventh heaven on the old fifth floor
Our room five hundred and four