CD cover, A Child is Crying

Cover for a fund-raising CD for an anti-child abuse appeal. A number of photographs of these twin girls were combined to produce these ghostly images. The overall concept came from the client and Premonition came up with the artistic treatment, staged the photoshoot and performed the digital manipulation.

Keeping Children Safe

Premonition designed and printed this guide for aid agencies working with children in emergency situations. The guide is produced by ‘Keeping Children Safe’, a coalition of major aid agencies and NGOs including Oxfam, NSPCC, Plan International, CAFOD, Tearfund, Save the Children and others. Laminated throughout, the guide is designed to be hard-wearing in difficult environments and information is presented clearly and concisely for people in a hurry. Illustrations by the Prince’s Drawing School Alumni Aaron Matheson.

Annual Report and Prospectus

We work for a number of education business partnerships and this was for REBEP/HBEP (the BEP group) who support Redbridge and Havering school students. We designed a matching pair of logos when the two boroughs merged their business education provision and built a visual identity around them.

Campaign for Change

We designed and illustrated this A5 leaflet for the English Secondary Students Association.

Youth Opportunities

This is a flyer we designed for the New Deal for Communities programme. We designed publicity material for the New Deal programme for ten years, right up to the end of the programme.

Lambeth Palace Brochure

Lambeth Palace Brochure

Lambeth Palace is the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury. We were commissioned to design the brochure for visitors to this historic building. The design is very clean while also being classic and just a bit ‘aged’. We were also asked to take photographs of a number of interior views and details where suitable pictures were not available in the archive. Premonition directed the pictures of the Atrium and Blue Room in the spreads above which were taken by Prudence Cuming Associates. The Guard Room, Chapel and all the smaller photos were taken by Premonition.

SCUK Illustrated Textbook

A lavishly illustrated children’s book designed in close co-operation with the copywriters so that suitable illustrations and lay-outs were devised for every page. Everyone involved considered it a great success and this was the start of a continuing relationship with a number of people at Schools Councils UK. Several years later we are working on different projects with the author of this guide and the then-CEO who now heads an organisation producing educational material about climate change.