Lyrics: Sister Susie’s Sewing Shirts For Soldiers

Note: This song has verses, which are not very funny and I have not included them below (you can find them here). Instead there are 2 new versions of the chorus to cover the Navy and Airforce. The new verses are much more difficult than the original, you might need to slow it down! If you sing it in public and video it I would love to see the results.

Sister Susie’s Sewing Shirts for Soldiers

Original Chorus, R. P. Weston
Sister Susie’s sewing shirts for soldiers
Such skill at sewing shirts
Our shy young sister Susie shows!
Some soldiers send epistles,
Say they’d sooner sleep in thistles
Than the saucy, soft, short shirts for soldiers sister Susie sews.

Additional Choruses, G. Sheridan
Cecily sits shelling shrimps for sailors
At sedentary shrimp-shelling sweet Cecily excels
Some sailors send dispatches citing shoddy shrimp she catches
For the salty, sour, shrivelled shrimp sweet Cecily unshells

Pippa puts pink piping on for pilots
Pip pins pink piping parts on purple Polish pilot’s pants
But prissy Polish pilots hide the pretty pink in public
And prefer pale purple pantaloons to Pippa’s pink-piped pants

Steady on, Chaps! Sunday Afternoon, March 2nd 2014

Swing music and social dance opportunity.

Luna Lounge, Leytonstone, (map)
Sunday March 2nd 2014, 4pm-6pm



Steady on, Chaps!” play live swing music on Sunday 2nd March from 4-6 at the Luna Lounge (next to Leytonstone tube). Hot-Club style rhythm section with trumpet and vocals. It isn’t an organised social dance but there is a wooden floor and some space to dance. Free entry.

Expect classics like: Ain’t Misbehavin’, Hello Dolly, Sunny Side of the Street, All of Me, I can’t give you anything but love, and other dixie and standard jazz tunes. We will do our best to play any requests for swing/dixie/jazz material.

Any Old Iron, Harry Champion Complete Lyrics

Note: I am obsessed with old songs from the 40s and earlier, and when lyrics for some of the more obscure songs are not available anywhere else I will be providing them on my blog here. Geoff

This song is widely available but not with the verses I’ve included here, as sung by Harry Champion on record.


Just a couple of weeks ago my poor old Uncle Bill,
Went and kicked the bucket and he left me in his will.
The other night I toddled round to see me Auntie Jane,
She said to me “Your Uncle’s left to you his watch and chain.”
I put it on right across my vest,
Thought I looked a dandy as it dangled on my chest.
Just to flash it off I started walking ’round about,
The kids they all run after me and all began to shout:


Any old iron, any old iron, any, any, any, old iron?
You look neat – talk about a treat,
You look a dapper from your knapper to your feet.
Dressed in style, with a brand new tile,
And your father’s old green tie on,
Oh I wouldn’t give you tuppence for your old watch chain,
Old iron, old iron?


I went up the City just to have a little spree.
The Mayor of London, he was there, that’s who I went to see.
He dashed up in a canter with a carriage and a pair,
I shouted “Holler boys” and threw my hat up in the air.
Just then the Mayor he began to smile,
Saw my face and then he shouted “Lumme what a dial!”
Started a-Lord Mayoring and I though that I should die
When he pointed to my watch and chain he hollered to me “Hi!”
(Harry sings ‘told me, Hi’, but it sounds like a mistake to me)



I shan’t forget when I got married to Selina Brown.
The way the people laughed at me, it made me feel a clown.
I began to wonder, when their dials began to crack,
If by mistake I’d got my Sunday trousers front to back.
I put my chain on my darby kell,
The sun was shining on it , well it made me look a swell.
The organ started playing and the bells began to ring,
My chain began to rattle and the choir began to sing.


Extra verse, which Harry does not sing:
Just to have a little bit of fun the other day,
Made up in my watch and chain I went and drew my pay.
Then got out with a lot of other Colonels on the loose,
I got full right up to here in fourp’ny stagger juice.
One of them said “We want a pot of ale
Run him to the rag shop and bung him on the scale.”
I heard the fellow say “What’s in this bundle that you’ve got”
Then whisper to me kindly “Do you want to lose your lot?”

Lyrics: Ginger You’re Barmy, Harry Champion

Note: I am obsessed with old songs from the 40s and earlier, and when lyrics for some of the more obscure songs are not available anywhere else I will be providing them on my blog here. This one is a favourite of mine which I can often be heard singing down at the Golden Eagle in Marylebone. Geoff

Cady : Hat, slang
Napper : Head, slang
Mash, on the : Engaged in flirtation slang*

Ginger you’re barmy!


I’m always in the fashion, I’m a noted chap for that
So lately I’ve been walking about the streets without a hat
I do without a cady, why, it saves me half a quid
I’m like a bloomin’ saucepan on the fire without a lid
I go, you know, strolling round the town
Waves me little cane about
Girls all say ‘Look, Ginger’s on the mash’
Dig me in the ribs and shout:


Don’t walk about without yer cady on
Ginger you’re barmy
“Get your hair cut,” they all begin to cry
With nothing on your napper oh you are a pie
Pie must have a little bit of crust
Why don’t you wear a cady?
If you want to be a don
You want a bit of something on
To take off to a lady


Once I went into the zoo with such a smiling face
But, oh, there was a hullabaloo when I got in the place
The keepers started chasing me, then I got in a rage
They put a chain around me neck and they bunged me in a cage
I cried: ‘I’m not a monkey, on me word!”
I had to buy them all some beer
When they let me out they told me this:
‘If you want to keep away from here


Don’t walk about without yer cady on
Ginger you’re barmy
“Get your hair cut,” they all begin to cry
With nothing on your napper oh you are a pie
Pie must have a little bit of crust
Why don’t you wear a cady?
If you want to be a don
You want a bit of something on
To take off to a lady


The missis took me in a pub, the governor mister hogg
He stroked me ears, he giv’ me a cake, he took me for a dog
A policeman stopped the traffic shouted out with all his might
Look out here comes the North Pole with the top half all alight
My wife said that me napper’s like a sieve
It’s full of little holes I’ll bet
When it rains it will let the water in
And then your feet will both get wet


Don’t walk about without yer cady on
Ginger you’re barmy
“Get your hair cut,” they all begin to cry
With nothing on your napper oh you are a pie
Pie must have a little bit of crust
Why don’t you wear a cady?
If you want to be a don
You want a bit of something on
To take off to a lady


Don’t walk about without yer cady on
Ginger you’re barmy
“Get your hair cut,” they all begin to cry
With nothing on your napper oh you are a pie
Pie must have a little bit of crust
Why don’t you join the army
If you want to be a don
You want a bit of something on
Ginger you’re barmy!

*With kind thanks to Steve Parkes for pointing out that ‘on the mash’ does not mean ‘out drinking’

Lyrics: Room Five Hundred and Four, Room 504

Note: I am obsessed with old songs from the 40s and earlier, and when lyrics for some of the more obscure songs are not available anywhere else I will be providing them on my blog here. Geoff

Lyrics for Room 504, as sung by Vera Lynn (pictured), Hutch (Leslie Hutchinson), Adelaide Hall

Such a big hotel a very grand one
Right upon the avenue
We could not afford it
But sweet, I just adored it
My very first and only rendezvous

In room five hundred and four
So sweet a room so strange and new
It was romance, a dream come true
That perfect honeymoon alone with you
In room five hundred and four

We turned the key in the door
We hadn’t dared to ask the price
That kind of thrill can’t happen twice
And who could bargain over paradise
In room five hundred and four

The lovely night, the starlight above
The sleeping town below
And in the dark you said, my love
The dearest things I know

We don’t live there anymore
But still in memory I adore
The sweetest room I ever saw
A seventh heaven on the old fifth floor
Our room five hundred and four

Olds Eclipse Ambassador Conversion (Sold)

One-of-a-kind Custom Olds Ambassador Eclipse trumpet conversion! (now sold)

A total one-off, Olds Ambassador rebuilt and refinished and converted to Eclipse tuning by the respected UK boutique maker. I have had it for three years and played it in many professional engagements and in a music video. I bought it on ebay for US$720 (£440) I then paid import tax and postage. I have taken great care of it and it is still in excellent condition with no dents and the finish is still close to that of a new horn. It plays amazingly well, and you are welcome to come and try it at my office in Bethnal Green, East London before the end of the auction – the players I know who have tried it have loved how well it plays. I am selling it because I have a number of trumpets and now a small baby. This horn is one of my favourites, but I need to reduce the collection.
No mouthpiece or case, will package well for postal delivery, or you can collect from Bethnal Green or Woodford.

The following text is written by the guy I bought the horn from, three years ago. The condition of the horn is still excellent as he describes

“Serial # 2XXXXX dates the horn from 1958
Up for sale today is another horn from my personal collection. I’ve recently bought a new horn so this one is up for sale. I made the switch to mostly Vintage horns as my belief is that they truly sound better than any modern instruments being currently manufactured. This is a great example out of my collection that I’m selling. This is truly a one-of-a-kind item. My new rule is “buy one, sell one” and since I just acquired another horn so I have to let go of one of my own.
This is a wonderful 1958 Olds Ambassador Trumpet that Leigh McKinney at customized into a dual-tuning model. If you don’t know about the Eclipse trumpets they feature rear-bell fixed tuning. It’s a truly revolutionary design that stabilizies the attack and makes connections extremely consistent.

An Ambassador? Why not an Opera, or Mendez you say? Well, truth be told the Olds Ambassador horns have had a resurgence over the past few years. The valvesets are the same (even though these now are MUCH tighter than the older Olds of the time)… the materials are very much the same. Hey, if the Ambassador was good enough for Lee Morgan to record some of his Blue Note Albums on it must be pretty darn great!
You’ve seen them go for a great deal of money online on ebay. This is the Ambassador on steriods. Here’s a brief list of what’s been done to custom modify this horn as well as some words about how these horns (I think fewer than 10 have been made… Leigh’s company took off and he stopped making conversions around 2004) play:
(material found online at
Street price for the conversion was about $1K in 2004, without the horn. So you’re getting a heck of a deal if you go through with the trade.

The horn is an Olds Ambassador that Leigh McKinney (Eclipse trumpets) custom modified. He describes another horn below (my horn is scratch silver with gold accents and polished silver bell… it’s quite stunning).

“Hiya George (who got the first conversion, his was in brushed lacquer… mine is in silver plate).
Just a few words about your horn! This is what we did:-
Took the whole thing back to component parts to repair or resurface each part (its easier to get to everything properly)
The 1st and 3rd slides have been reversed so they could take Eclipse ring and saddle and work like most modern horns do.
The valve section was re-surfaced due to a lot of wear over the years.
The bell was cut into 3 pieces and assembled like an eclipse bell with the tuning slide at the back of the bell.
Of course each horn is different, so we must put the same length back into the bell that we have cut out, so the bottom slide length tends to vary a little.
I considered taking away the front tuning,but i wanted to keep as much as i could of the amazing craftwork that originally went into this horn.
Same with the braces!
So what we have here is a horn that benefits from an Eclipse tuning slide which can be used on its own by closing off the front tuning totally and just tuning with the back slide,, creating great slotting.
Or you can reverse the prosess and use only the traditional front tuning, giving you that same olds ambassador feel.
We were very lucky with this model as it worked out that you can actually use both tuning slides together at different lengths of pull to fine tune the instrument and it sounds fantastic.
We have had 3 pro players try it and they all agreed that it was worthy of being used in many of their playing situations (but we already knew that about olds ambassadors anyway didnt we!)

Noel Langley, Eclipse Artist, said this about the modified horns.

Hi George – I am going to nail my colours to the mast and say that (IMHO) you will soon be taking delivery of THE best looking and best sounding Olds Ambassador on the planet!
I, along with many British players have long been a fan of Olds instruments. Maybe its to do with the robust and business like construction of these horns, or the many design innovations this company was responsible for implementing and refining, but whenever you play an Olds you have the feeling that you have a very serious piece of kit in your hands. Whilst it is true that the Ambassadorhad the reputation of being a ‘student horn’ – compared to sophisticated trumpets like the Recording or the Mendez – we have to bear in mind that they wre made by the same master craftsmen to the same exacting standards and from the same standard of component parts as the premium Olds brands. We all know that these horns have far more substance to them than any modern entry level horns and are more than a match for many ‘pro’ lines.
What Leigh has done with the raw materials you sent him has taken this honest work-horse of the trumpet world to a whole new level. First of all i have to say that the horn looks absolutely gorgeous – those pictures do not do it justice at all. The horn gleams and glistens and all of the Eclipse additions to the instrument look as if they were always meant to be there. If anything the extra weight included in the rear tuning slide assembley has improved the balance and feel of the horn in the hand. I must say that I find the slide stop sits particularly well on an Olds as its design was inspired by the third valve slide stop on a vintage olds super :). The way that Leigh has picked out the Olds badge, along with the usual Eclipse highlights is absolutely stunning – so now on to the good news!
It plays like a dream and you basically have two great horns in one. Using the front slide you have the classic sound and feel of a beautifuly restored Ambassador – warm, dark, open and flexible. Using the rear slide you can experience the greater projection, firmer slotting and deadly accurate intonation that you would expect from an Eclipse trumpet. The sound is also considerably brighter, more dense and with a much more even feel over the whole register. There is also the opportunity to graduate the change between these two extremes by using both slides in combination. I think you will have hours of fun experimenting with this new feature – I predict that your practice sessions may double in length or frequency without even realising it! I was very tempted to try to smuggle this horn out of the factory under my coat yesterday – and came back today so that I could have one more session on it before it gets sent back home.
It would be great to hear your thoughts George – I’ll be very interested to see which slide you prefer using and in which situations. Enjoy!

The horn’s overall condition is excellent. The valves (see the pic) are like new smooth and feel like they are brand new. The horn has no dents or dings. The finish is in good shape. This horn could pass for barely used instrument.

No Case or MPC included with this sale.
This horn is truly a one in a kind instrument so please only serious bidders/questions only.

On Aug-03-08 at 18:43:52 PDT, seller added the following information:

Also worth mentioning that the Eclipse model trumpet sells for around 2000GBP. I’ve owned Eclipse (was an artist rep for the company) and think this horn plays pretty darn close to that horn!
I will record soundclips tomorrow and post them soon.

On Aug-07-08 at 16:30:55 PDT, seller added the following information:

Sorry for the delay but I’ve uploaded 3 sound files to my website (originally, now below):

MP3 of Trent playing the horn with Eclipse tuning

MP3 of Trent playing the horn with Olds tuning

MP3 of Trent playing the horn with mixed tuning

I recorded them on my Zoom H4 with no editing. They are totally raw, low-fi mp3 takes.

Trent Austin”

Please contact me for offers and more details. Geoff